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Maybe Tomorrow Chords

Here are the chords to Goldenhorse's "Maybe Tomorrow", which was a hit in New Zealand in

E 022100  	F#m7/E 044220
G#m/E 06644x  	A x02220
G#m7 464444  	F#m7 242222
B x24442 	A/B x22220
Dadd9 xx0230	F#dim 201212
B11 x21220

There's a story I know

  We all leave and let go

G#m/E		      F#m7/E
  There is nothing to hold us
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  In a moment of time

  When the fruit becomes wine

G#m7 			      F#m7
  And the thought becomes the memory 

B		     A/B
 All of your sorrow,  maybe tomorrow, will

E     Dadd9      F#m7
Fade away in the end

B		      A/B
 Trying to please me,  making it easy

   E	    B 	      F#dim    A		
It won't be there, it won't be there

        E	      B11	
In your life, in your life...