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Godflesh CIB#5         FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK      by PhiL "RzR" COVAL

Main Riff:

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/g/godflesh/for_those_about_to_rock_tab.html ]
[INTRO] Riff x  2 lite distorded
        Riff x 2 hi distorded ...break
        Riff x 6 hi distorded



[VERSE_2] (2:05)


[INTERLUDE] (3:17) w/ feedback

[VERSE_3] (3:56)

Credits :
Phil "RzR" COVAL  (March 1997)
E MailTo:philc@writeme.com     Http://www.mygale.org/05/rzr

"For those about to Rock", originally written and played by AC/DC
(from the album of the same name) is covered by Godflesh
on the ExellenT cleopatra compilation : "Covered in Black :
an industrial tribute to the kings of high voltage Ac/Dc"
...godflesh removed the lead guitar stuff and made the bassline very LOUD
and a little slower ...very interressing style even.
enugh said ...grap your axe NOW ! --RzR
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