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Goats Dont Shave Chords & Tabs

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When Your Dead Your Great Chords

Goats Don't Shave
When Your Dead (Your Great)

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Em                       C
Such a big crowd, At the wake its nice to see,
C                               G
Here comes Fr.Michael, hear him say the Rosery,
Em                             C
Sorry for your trouble, shake the hands of family
C                          G
Trays of cigarettes, passed around with cups of tea,
A                                     Am
They said he had it coming, Saw the writing on the wall,
C                                                 G                           D
said if he had only asked for help, They'd have given him it all
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G                  D     C       G
Cause a man lives and a man dies
Em                        C
I heard the gossip the hypocryte prophets
G                                D
Down in their graves without blinking an eye
G                D     C      G   G/F#
And a man dies its no surprise
Em                             C
they said he's a loser a drunk and a boozer
G                                        D
They slashed him with gun shoppers knifes
                            C     G     D
It's true what they say ...................
                C     G        D
When your dead your great
                C     G        D
When your dead your great


Remember how he used to sing, play that old guitar,
Remember how you sang along, those late nights in the bar,
Everybody listened, things will never be the same,
Everybody loved him, every body new his name,
But when he walked among them, a different song they sang,
They watched the bottle bleeding, and no-one gave a damn,


Uillean Pipe solo.

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