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Hills Of Donegal Chords

          Hill's of Donegal by Goat's Don't Shave

  G                     D             C              Em
 You may talk about Atlantis how its lost benath the sea
 G                             D             C               G     
And the grave of the unknown soldier or the cry of the ol Banshee
G                      D              C                  Em
Who put the man in the iron mask was jack the ripper set free
G                         C                   D
But ask them all wheres Donegal its still a mystery
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G                                   C                              
Cause if i could i'd build a wall around old donegal the north and south to 
G            F                  D
keep them by god i'd build them tall.
G                             C                           
Casino's, Chicken Ranches i,d legalise them all and wed had our own las 
G             D       Em      C        G            D        G
vegas in the hills of donegal,Yeah las vegas in the hills of donegal.

G                      D         C              Em
Playboy clubs and all night pubs,black jack and roulette
G                         D          C          G
Neil Blaney,Bridget Nielson,Mike Tyson having a Bath,
G                       D         C                 Em
Inishowen could then be known for its multi millionaire,
G                          C                  D                    
Where Donald Triumph would like a chunk to live in solitaire,

G                          D             C      Em
To stand on top of errigal would give me such a thrill,
G                          D                C        G
And hear them say in Dublin there's gold in them ther hill's,
G                         D           C                 Em
So don't despair cause if you dair the answer lies with me,
G                                               C              D
There's a wall that's steep and it's going cheap somewhere in Germany,