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Goats Don't Shave
The Evictions
Gsus                                        Bm
My Name it is Sweeney a father of two sons I am,
D                        Cadd9                 Gsus
I'll courier tenants like many a true mountain man,
Gsus                                             Bm
My wife fell to famine and my heart will never repair,
    D                       Cadd9                    Gsus
But worse was to come in the form of a John George a'Dare.
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The news in the valley a stranger had bought all the land,
Soon twenty eight thousand aces he would command,
But we were to learn that the blood in his body ran cold,
For the suffering of the poor was John a'Dare's goal.

     Em             C                   G
The Hills and the mountains know your name,
      Em        C                     G
The deer even hang their heads in shame, 
      Em         C             G
and even the longest winters rain, 
           Em               C          G
Can't wash away for the suffering and pain, 
           C        D       G
Of the Evictions at Derryveagh.