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Love Goes On Chords

"Love Goes On"
The Go-Betweens

  Am		        Em
1.There's a cat in the alleyway
Bm                         C
Dreaming of birds that are blue
G                       Em
Sometimes girl when I'm lonely
D                         C
This is how I think about you

2.There are times that I want you
I want you so much I could bust
I know a thing aboat lovers
Lovers lie down in trust

Refrain: (2x)

Dm             Am
F               C 
Love goes on anyway!

3.The people next door got their problems
They got things they can't name
I know a thing about lovers
Lovers don't feel any shame
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4.Late at night with the lights down low
The candle burns to the end
I know a thing about darkness
Darkness ain't my friend


Em F Am
	I'm gonna make you happy
	I'm gonna spin you round
	I'm gonna cut your strings

5.I put my foot flat down on the floor
I took it as far as I could
I took it down there to Sheridan Street
By the dark wood

Am                   Em
Late at night when I want you
Bm               C
I lock you in my room
G                    Em
I know a thing about darkness
G                    Em
I know a thing about lovers
D               C
Lovers want the moon