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The Clarke Sisters Chords

The Go-Betweens

              The Clarke Sisters
Intro:   Em   C   Em   G   Em   C   Em   G

 Em                           C           
They had problems with their father's law
 Em                                   C      
They sleep in the back of a feminist bookstore
The Clarke Sisters
 Em                        C                               
The eldest sister keeps a midnight vigil
       Em                      C        
The youngest sister shes not spiritual
G                   G  D  Em
The Clarke Sisters

C                     Em  C
And their steel grey hair
                         Em  G 
Their lovely steel grey hair,  the Clarke sisters.  
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  G   D    Em    C            G                        
Why don't I,    introduce you? I'm sure they won't mind
     G     D   Em     C                       
But don't you dare, laugh at their collection
                               Em C Em G  | Em  C  Em  G
Handed down, handed down for love.

Em                           C          
The middle sister gets her period blood
Em                         C            
The flood of love,   the flood of love
G                   G  D  Em  
The Clarke sisters,  
C                     Em   C                         Em    
And their steel grey hair,  their lovely steel grey hair
The Clarke sisters
     G    D    Em   C                   G                   
The afternoon world, the bees have stung the softball girls
     G  D     Em   C                 G
The midnight world, the crystal ball, down the wooden hall
      G   D     Em      C                    G                  
The treehouse stands, their early childhood, the treehouse plans 
     G    D Em   C                                     Em   
And right above,  the Clarke sisters, handed down for love,  
C                  Em    C                 Em    C     G :
Handed down for love,  handed down to love.