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Back In 68 Chords

Back in '68
Words and Music by Gary Wesselhoff

C             Am         F   G
I called your house the other day
C             Am   F              G
there was no answer, I wanted to play
C          Am         F              Em
I wrote a song 'bout times not long gone,
F       G    Am
yet so far away
F      G           C
before we went astray
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C         Am      F               G
Remember when we were just dreaming?
C         Am   F                 G
Still in school--no one was achieving
C       Am   F      Em        
sane by day; crazy all night
F       G        Am
we were hangin' tight
F     G        C
everthing was right

F               Fm7
Then one day I turned around
C             Am
thirty years; careers gone down
F                 Fm7
Life's become so complicated
G       G           C
and the fog alieviated

C            Am   F        G
When I look back I wonder where 
I was dropped 
C        Am   F                 G
without bus fare
C        Am   F             Em
Just one day would be so great
F     G        Am
to be back in '68

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