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Remember Chords

this song goes out to all emeraldians of mogchs....

intro:B F# E G#m F#

  I always remind myself
  That youre someone in this world
  That Ill always choose
  To love
  I know its hard to accept
  That youre not destined for me
  But what have i done to myself

Ref:E F#
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  Its not easy to pretend
  That you love me like i do
  I will try to stop this stupid
  Feelings of mine

Cho:(do intro chords)

  I guess you dont even know
  That im the one who loves you so
  Cant you still recall
  The happeness weve spent together
  And even if i try
  All the things to comfort you
  You cant still remember
  That ive spent my love with you
  (rep. ref.and cho.)

and sayo na din!