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Part Of Me Part Of You Chords

                                                   Part of Me, Part of You - Glenn Frey
Tabbed by: 2_Stand

Tuning: standard

Intro: A   Asus4   A   Asus4

Verse 1:

   A               Asus4            A         Asus4
I felt it when the sun came up this morning 
   A               Asus4        E     D
I knew I could not wait another day 
 A                Asus4            A          Asus4
Darling, there is something I must tell you 
   A               Asus4        E   
A distant voice is calling me away 

Pre-chorus 1:

       D               A               E   
    Until we find the bridge across forever 
       D                A                E  
    Until this grand illusion brings us home 
     D             A            E   
    You and I will always be together 
          D                 A            E   
    From this day on you'll never walk alone 

[ Tab from: ]
         A               D   Bm            E
        You're a part of me, I'm a part of you 
            A           F#m
        Wherever we may travel 
            D          E
        Whatever we go through
            F#m           E
        Whatever time may take away 
            D                       A
        It cannot change the way we feel today 
           D                 A               F#m   E
        So hold me close and say you feel it too 
               D              E            A     Asus4   A   Asus4
        You're part of me, am I a part of you 
                                   1st chorus:  (part of me)
                                    2nd chorus: (part of you)

Verse 2:

I look at you your whole life stands before you 
I look at me and I'm running out of time 
Time has brought us here to share these moments 
To look for something we may never find 

Pre-chorus 2:

    We can never know about tomorrow 
    But still we have to choose which way to go 
    You and I are standing at the crossroads 
    Darling, there is one thing you should know 

                           (after 2nd chorus) fading:
                                               A     Asus4   A   Asus4
                                                    (part of you)
                                                    (part of me)... ... ...