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        Found Out About You - The Gin Blossoms 
	[charted by Andre' St. Laurent]
	[submitted by Rick Schofield (]
        C        D         Em       D       C      D     Em    D
VERSE1: All last summer in case you don't recall
        C     D         Em       D          C      D     Em    D 
        I was yours and you were mine -- forget    it    all
        C          D         Em      D
        Is there a line that I could write?
              C    D        Em       D
        I was sad enough to make you cry
            C        D              Em       D       C      D     Em    D
        You know the lines that you wrote to me were right
VERSE2: The months roll past the love that you've struck down
        Did you love me only in my head?
        The things you said and did to me
        Seemed to come so easily
        Love I thought I'd won you with me
        C/D                                 D     D/E
CHORUS: Whispers at the bus-stop, well I've heard about
        C/D                              D    D/E  C     D     Em 
        Nights at the schoolyard I found out about you
                D         C     D     Em
        I found out about you
VERSE3: Rumours follow everywhere you go
        When you left and I was last to know 
        You're famous now and there's no doubt 
        All of this is (???) out ...
        They know your name and they know what you're about
VERSE4: Street lights blink on through the common door
        And the time too often on AM radio 
        Well, you know it's all I think about 
        Imagining the (???) your house
        Your boyfriend's over, I watch your light go out.
	CHORUS (twice)