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We Will Chords

Submitted By Conor Stapleton, stapletonc at gmail dot com


E       C#m     A    B

It's over now 

you've had your fun 

A#m					Eb
get up them stairs go on quickly don't run

Ebm			Ebm6		C#m , Cm , Bm ,         Bb
Take off your shoes the both of you's leave them down outside the door 

turn the landing light off,

no wait, leave it on it

it might make the night

that easier to be gone 

    E                                    Bm
and in the morning who'll be wide awake

and eating snow flakes as

opposed to those flakes

      E                               B
(We Will) We Will (We Will) We will
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That afternoon we spend the day
with uncle Frank (remember?) and his wife auntie Mae 
well do you know
since then I've recieved
up to four letters all of which repeat the same 
they say thrilled to bits
can't believe you came
we relived it both
over time and time again 
and if there's
even a chance or even half
you might be our way
would you promise to stay
(We will) We will (We will) We Will

C#m         		A           
Oh its no easy pretending

Eb                     Eb / C
that you cannot hear 

	    C#m        A	      B   	        E
once you've suffered the reflections within

        G#               C#       
It's no use in an ending 

       B                       E
to proclaim from the start that the

    C#m                                B
moral of the stories to begin.

On Sunday next if the weather holds
we'll have that game
but I bagsy-being-in-goal
not because I'm good
or because I think I should 
it's just that well at
my age I think standing still 
would really suit me best
do we all agree?
hands up those who do
hands up those who don't
I see well in that case
will we please be kind enough 
if not on Sunday 
to go to mass on Monday 
(We will) We will (We will ) We will yeah yeah (We will)