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If You Only Knew Chords

I've been trying to look for the chords for this song,
but couldn't find it. So I tried to figure it out myself.
I'm not sure if they are right, but it sounds ok.
I'm not sure about the solo though.

If You Only Knew
by Gil



Verse 1

  B                        F#
   I'd give you everything, anything,

 C#m   F#
   If you would be mine,
(second guitar plays riff 1 here)

  B                        F#
   I'd give the stars above, and all my love,


C#m F#                E       F#
   How can you be so blind, so blind,

       F#             E
   I'm going out my mind,

   All the time,

       F# (let ring)
   For you,

   Yes it's true,


  B             F#
   If you only knew,
[ Tab from: ]
   That I'm crazy for you,

   Then you'd understand

  B            F#
   If I only knew,

   What you're goin' through,

        F#            N.C.
   Then I'd understand.

(second guitar plays riff 1 here)

Verse 2

 B                   F#
   Now I know that I, have no chance

C#m F#
   To make you mine,
(second guitar plays riff 1 here)

   But if I own the world,

   Would you be my girl,

Repeat Pre-chorus

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Pre-chorus

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Riff 1

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or just to chat.
Any feedback is apreciated.
Btw i'm Madaan 16/m from Malaysia.