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When Dreams Come True Chords

The lyrics are not perfect, I did them from memory but this is the only tab of this song
your gonna find I'd almost gaurentee it. Which by the way, if you actualy know this song
you should definetly drop me an email at, because your just that

I'm really not to sure about where they're from, when they played or if they still do but
Ghost Mice is part of a musical movement know as Anti-Folk which is basicly acoustic punk
and, from what I can gleen on the subject, is not against Folk as the genre implies but
has a punkish tendency towards rebellion. Most of their vocals include a Male/Female duo
and make up for lack of talent in thier amazing lyrics. Apperently they just put out a
Split album off they're label with a group called "Saw" so you might want to check that
out, just google them for they're label page.

Ghost Mice- When Dreams Come True

For the first verse just strum the chord once for the 1st and 3rd lines and then the 
reverse crecendo strumming for the 2nd and 4th lines, the chords are the same in each line however.

C         Am               F                 C
She was a poor girl on the wrong side of the river
C         Am               F              C
Where she played every day and dreamed of better
C         Am           F                C
He was a farm boy who worked hard every day
C                Am                       F         C
Like a prince in shining armor he came and took her away

Am                     G          C
And she never worked a day in her life
Am              G         C
Every thing she needed he provides

(Now on the 1st and 3rd lines you double the amound of strums and kinda pound them out)
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C            Am     F       C
She was only 16 and he was 22
C                 Am        F            C
She'd never had a lover and he had had a few
C                Am          F                  C
He had his heart broken by a girl he called his wife
C                    Am           F                  C
But in her he found a new hope, a chance at a better life

Am                 F            C
And never did they're love ever fade
Am                 F               C
And never did they're hearts every stray
Am                              G
But today they sit in different rooms
In the same house
Watching different T.V.s
F                     G
They barely even speak

They get together to sleep and eat
     Am         G             C     C
And I wonder do they remember me
  Am        G              C       C
I wonder do they remember me

(Really quick strumming just the one chord, I have difficulty holding a set strum 
and singing such a long line *shrugs*)
        G                                             C
Or am I just one of those dreams that didn't work out
G                                   C
I bet they've given up on me by now

(Pound out the next chords and accuentuate the fact that the just switch back and forth)

Am                   G                 Am                  G
All they ever wanted out of life was a house and a car and money and a baby
Am                   G                         Am
And they worked hard for such a long long time and at last they got all
those things *hold it out*

C                 Am                    F                            C   G
So what (so what) Do you do (do you do) When all of your dreams come true

(Just play the highest few strings of the G chord at the end of each line, its meant to 
the C chords at the start and end of each line.)

C                 Am                  F                            C   G
So what (so what) Do you do-oo-ooo-oo When all of your dreams come true

(I usualy repeat the last lines a couple times in lue of the harmonica solo or just the 
chord progression at the end)

Really great song, hope you enjoy it. BTW this is my first tab : ) so Cheers!