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Action And Action Bass Tab

song: Action & Action 
artist: The Get Up Kids
album: Something to Write Home About
Tabbed by: John Krohn (

Go see these guys in concert, they rock. Robbie Pope lays down melodic basslines all over this album.

(intro) guitar, then 

G -------------------------------
D -------------------/6666-------
A /4444-22-0000------------------
E --------------00-44-----555^7^5    X2

(verse) you really think... 

G ---------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------------
A --------------------/77779^79^7--------
E 00000000444444445555-----------88888888   X2

(bridge) no wonder now... 

G --------------------------------------
D --------------/22-2----/6666----------
A 44-4------00-0------------------------
E -----44-4-----------4444----55557^57^5


	You Tought me how, how to play the fool

	G ----------------
	D ----------------
	A ----------------
	E 0000444455557777

	Every mistake that i made, I couldn't have made without you
[ Tab from: ]
	G ------------------
	D ------------------
	A ------------------
	E 0000444455557722-2

	What's said is done, and plain to see

	G ----------------
	D ----------------
	A ----------------
	E 0000444455557777

	You take it all too seriously

	G ----------------
	D ----------------
	A ----------------
	E 5555555577778888

intro again
verse again 
bridge again

chorus again almost. instead of the last part noted above, it says
"here's all you get from me" and you play:

G -----------------------------
D -----------------------------
A ------------7779-9-9---------
E 555555557777--------888888889

No bass, just keyboard, then drums

I'm down for whatever...

G -----------------------------------
D 4--------4\------------------------
A -64444444--00000000----------------
E -------------------0000000044444444  X2

wait for.. I'll wait

G ---------------------------------
D 4-----2244----2244----2244-------
A -60000----2222----0000----22223/\
E ---------------------------------

chorus again, end on the C# at the 9th fret of the E string.