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I Believe Chords

Capo 3

G C D, G Em D

G                         C          D
The night's as clear as a big desert sky.
G                                     Em          D
But it's hard to see stars with these tears in my eyes.
C                      D    C                  D
Yeah, it's hard not to cry, there's 26 reasons why.
G                             C              D
There's broken hearts that'll never beat the same.
G                     Em               D
Shattered lives still reeling from the pain.
C                       D
Of plans and dreams now gone,
C                   D
Oh, how do you move on.
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      Em               G                     C
But I believe, there's someone who's looking after me.
Em                G                 C
Someone beside me night and day, to light the way.
C            D         C                   D
It's hard to conceive, something you can't see.
      Em G D     Em G D
But I believe, I believe.

26 Children where taken far to young.
There resting in His mercy, grace and love.
Time may never heal, the sadness the we feel.

G                    C          D
Rivers flow now that used to be dry.
G                      Em             D          G
As people all over the world start to cry, But I believe.