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Heart Like Hers Chords

intro  D G A D G D
D               Bm            A
Everytime that someone walks in
D            Bm           A
She turns to see if it,s him
G                    D
She checks her watch by the clock
G                   D                   A
I can,t count the times he,s stood her up
Bm             A
And one,s too much
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D                                 Bm
How can anybody break a heartlike hers
I cant stand to watch her hurt
I would gladly take his place
If she,d just love me that way
He must not know what its worth
I don,t understand how anyone
       A                  D
Could break a heart like hers

D Bm G A D G D
D                 Bm           A
She keeps saying he,ll change someday
D          Bm          A
He was,nt always this way
G                       D
She thinks he hung the moon and stars
G                     D                     A
But all he,s done is string her along like this
Bm            A
It dont make sense

G                  A
How could anybody break
A heart like hers

D Bm G A D G D

couldn,t find chords for this song anyplace so I had a crack myself, maybe its guilty 
too Ive gotten loads of other peoples for no effort, so thanks too everyone who,s helped 
I hope this gives pleasure to someone
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