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Babys Gotten Good At Goodbye Chords

capo 1 
intro:D Dsus4 Asus4 Dsus4 D Dsus4 Asus4 Dsus4
G        D          G                 D
what a rotten day this turned out to be 
G                      A                   D
i still cant believe she'd leave so easily
          G                            A
she just got all her things threw em into a pile 
            D                    G
then she loaded her car and set out for a while
     D                     A                   G  
she done this before but this time she didn't cry 
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thats why im sittin on the front steps
staring down the road
   G                            D     
wondering if she'll come back this time i don't know 
     G                     D
and after she packed when she looked back
  A                          D              
there were no tears in her eyes 
      G                              D                A               
and that's got me worried thinking maybe my baby's gotten good at 


repeat intro

          D            G                   D  
all the times before she'd break down and cry 
G                                A                    D
she'd make her threats but her heart wasn't set on goodbye
          G                      A       
she just wanted me to hear what she had to say
     D                      G
now i'm lost for words and she went away
     D                  A                   G
she may not return for this time she didnt cry

repeat chorus