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Baby Blue Chords

key: D
D   G    D    G  
           D              F#m/C# 
She looked so much like a lady 
               G/B         A 
But she was so much like a child 
F#m                Bm 
The devil when she held me close 
   G              A 
An angel when she smiled 
D                   F#m/C# 
She always held it deep inside 
         G           A 
But somehow I always knew 
F#m                    Bm 
She'd go away when the grass turned green 
        G               D 
And the sky turned Baby Blue 
     D  F#m       G            A 
Baby Blue was the color of her eyes 
     F#m  Bm        G        A 
Baby Blue, like the Colorado skies 
Like a breath of Spring, she came and left 
    D                  E 
And I still don't know why 
    F#m                   Bm           G             D 
So, here's to you, and whoever holds my Baby Blue, tonight 
She brought colors to my life 
That my eyes had never touched 
When she taught me how to care 
I never cared so much 
I try not to think of her 
But I fall asleep and do 
And drift off where the grass is green 
And the sky is Baby Blue 
REFRAIN (up one half step)
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