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Praying For Time Chords

I wanted to easily learn this song by simply searching for the tabs or chords 
online, but I have yet to find even remotely accurate ones. Therefore, I had to 
sit down and learn it myself by ear. This may not be entirely accurate, but I 
think it's a fairly good representation. The recording appears to be in Bb Major, 
but my chords will be written assuming it's being played in A Major. Simply put a 
capo on the first fret and play the chords accordingly to be in pitch with the 
original. Here goes:

Intro and Verse:

Asus2    A Maj9   A Maj7    Dm9/A    Dsus2/A   E7         Repeat
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B min    B min/Maj7   D Maj/A   E9/G#    E7           Repeat   


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