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This Masquerade Chords

Released as a single by George Benson in 1976 & made it to #10 on the Billboard Hot 100

No Capos

Key of Bb minor

Intro Chords:   Fm   Bb7(9)   Fm   Bb7(9)


Fm            Fm7M                  Fm7            Bb7(9)
Are we really happy here with this lonely game we play

Fm          C#7(9)   Gm7(b5)  C7   C7(B9)
Looking for words                to say

Fm                Fm7M      Fm7               Bb7(9)
Searching but not finding understanding any way

     Cmaj7      Gm7(b5)  C7    Fm
Were lost in a masq      ue     rade

(Piano notes as a segue):  Bb7(9)

Ebm7           G#7                C#7M      D
Both afraid to say were just too far away
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Ebm7              G#7              C#7M        C#7
From being close together from the start

   Dm7              G7           C7M
We tried to talk it over but the words got in the way

      Gm     G7        C7                  C7(B9)
Were lost inside this lonely game we play

Fm                  Fm7M             Fm7            Bb7(9)
Thoughts of leaving disappear every time I see your eyes

Fm         C#7(9)   Gm7(b5)     C7     C7(B9)
And no matter how    hard I try

Fm                 Fm7M           Fm7           Bb7(9)
To understand the reasons that we carry on this way

      Dm7(b5)     Gm7(b5)  C7    Fm     Bb7(9)
Were lost in this mas      que   rade

Improvisational Interlude (in key of Bb minor)

Enjoy & Improvise!!!
Submitted by Robert Vollmer
I love the 70s !!!!