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In Too Deep Chords

Intro: Am7 Bm7 Cmaj7 D 

(Em7)All that time I was searching(Bm7) with nowhere to run (Am7)to It (D)started 
me thinking(Em7)wondering what I could make of my life(C)(Am7)And who'd be 
(D)waiting.(Em7)Asking all kinds of (C)questions to myself(Am7)
but never (D)finding the answers.(Em7)Crying at the top of my voice (C)
and (Am)no one (D)listening.

(Am7)All this (Bm7)time I still re(Cmaj7)member everything you (D)said
(Am7)There's so (Bm7)much you promised
(C)how could I ever for(D)get?

Listen(G) you know I love you but I (C)just can't (Bm7)take this
(G)You know I love you but I'm (C)playing for: (Bm7)keeps
(G)Although I need you I'm (C)not gonna (Bm7)make this
(G)You know I want you but I'm (Cadd9)in too (Bm7)deep.
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(Am7)So listen
(Bm7/A)listen to(Am7) me
you (Bm7/A)must believe(Am7) me:
I can feel your eyes go through(Am7) me but I don't know (D/C)why.

Verse Chords
I know you're going but I can't believe
It's the way that you're leaving
It's like we never knew each other at all
it may be my fault.
I gave you too many reasons being alone when I didn't want to.
I thought you'd always be there
I almost believed you.

All this time I still remember everything you said
There's so much you promised
how could I ever forget?

Listen: you know I love you but I just can't take this
. . .
(Am7)So listen
(Bm7)listen to(Am7) me: I can feel your (D/C)eyes go through me.

/ E / Aadd9 / - / Dadd9 / G E / Aadd9 / - / Dadd9 / G E / D / G / G/B /

(Am7)It seems I've spent too long(Bm7) only (Cmaj7)thinking about my(D)self

(Am7)And now I want to (Bm7)spend my life just (Cmaj7)caring 'bout somebody else (D).
Repeat Chorus to fade