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Immigrant Girl Chords

Immigrant Girl
Bb 			        Gm
Her ancient Egyptian eyes look out on to the barrio
D# F             Bb 
Oo-oo, sha-la-la-la
You stack the magazines when you greet the others
D# F             Bb
Oo-oo, immigrant girl

Gm        D#              Bb
Your grandmother gave you her Egyptian ring
Gm      D#                   F
Just to wear when you find a husband

And you see everything around this all American
Oo-oo, sha-la-la-la
The radio station plays rock ‘n roll for you
Oo-oo, immigrant girl
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Gm    D#             Bb
In my heart, I see a memory
Gm       D#                   F
Maybe it was sometime in some other life
Gm    D#               Bb
And I see that you are longing to be free
You knew to be everybody else’s (?)
You need to have everything you want in this American life

Won't you be my baby, my one and only baby
Oo-oo, immigrant girl

Gm  D#              Bb
    Life is long in America
C                           F 
We don't live in a magazine stand

You see the sun go down on this dark old L.A. town
Oo-oo sha-la-la-la
You  (?) with every dream you perceive that 
You will find. Immigrant girl
Immigrant girl.