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I Will Survive Bass Tab

Gloria Gaynor
I Will Survive
Transcribed by: Jason Bestor

I received alot of a few requests for this song a while back.
A friend and I submitted a version a while back that I new 
was wrong but sounded ok. This is the correct way to play it.
If you have any questions feel free to email me.

G |------------------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------------------|
A |------------------------------------------------|
E |--5--5/10--10\3--3/8--8\1--1/6--6\0--0/12-------|
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Main Riff:
G |--------------------------------------------------------------
D |--------------------------------------------------------------
A |--------------4-5--5-5--5-7-9-10--10-10--10-9\3--3-3--3-2-0---
E |--5--5-5--5-7-----------------------------------------------1-

G ---------------------------------------------------------------|
D ---------------------------------------------------------------|
A ----------0-1--1-1--1-0-----------2/7--7-----------------------|
E -1-1--1-3---------------0--------------------------------------| 

Repeat the main riff throughout the song.

Jason Burnham-Bestor