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She Holds The Key Chords

She Holds the Key
By Gavin DeGraw
Transcribed By: Rommel Valenzuela 

C G Dm F (repeat until you hit the C)

Verse 1 and 2: 
G Am Dm F(2x)
This is the....
F G Am Dm
At least this....

C G Dm F (2x then end on C)

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Bb F C G (4x but on the fourth time, the C wil go right into the Chorus)

Chorus Last time:
C G Dm F (2x)C..

C(conintued)Bb F C G  (Bb F C G repeats after this.. the whole song)
So i can sin with you.

Rest of the song (ending):
Bb F C G
Believe me it works....

C G Bb F C
Doo do do do dooo....

Listen to the song and play it at the same time. You will get it :-D