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Living For You Chords

Living for you
Gateway Worship

B  C#m7  A2
B  C#m7  A2

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B                                             A2
This is the day, the hour, the time i give it all away to You
I wanna say i'll go your way, living my life for something real
I can't survive, i can't go on if i'm with - out you by my side
I wanna spend eternity with You

        B                      G#m7
You've turned my world upside down
                      F#                   E
My life is spinning 'round you now, all of me, all for you
      B                      G#m7
I'll let my light shine for You
                 F#         E
Nothing's gonna stop me now, i'm living for you

F#  G#m7  E
F#  G#m7  E  B