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Famous One Chords

INTRO: G (strum once)  C  Dsus4  

        Am7                 G/B
And for all You've done and yet to do
     C            G
With every breath I'm praising You
  Am7                G/B
Desire of nations and every heart
     C                  Dsus4
You alone are God, You alone are God

[ Tab from: ]
G                         C2
You are the Lord the famous One, famous One
Em7           Dsus4             C2
Great is Your name in all the earth
    G                       C2
The heavens declare You're glorious, glorious
Em7           Dsus4             G
Great is Your fame beyond the earth

    Am7            G
The morning star is shining through
    C            G
And every eye is watching You
  Am7                  G
Revealed by nature and miracles
        C                  D
You are beautiful, You are beautiful

When i play this in my youth group i usually do:
Verse 1
Verse 2: 2x
Chorus: 2x
Verse 1
Verse 2: (outro)