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Beautiful Savior Chords

Em7       F            G          C      F    C    
All---my days, I will sing this song of glad-ness.  
Em7       F           G      C      F
Give my praise the Fountain of   de-lights;
    Dm7     F            G               F      C     G
for in -------my ------helplessness you heard---my---cry,  
    Dm7      F        Em7                       A         D
and waves---of--------mercy poured down on my life.

            G   C            D     G             
Beautiful Saviour, Wonderful Counsel-or, 
            Am               Am/G
clothed in majesty, Lord of history, 
            D/F#    Em7         D/F#                G      C
You're the Way the Truth, the Life, Star of the Morning.
         D/F#     G                Am                  Am/G
Glorious ho--liness, You're the Risen One, Heaven's Champion, 
        D/F#   Em7   D            1[Em7         F       G]   
and You reign, You reign, over all.
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2[Em D/F# G C Em D/F# G C Em D/F# G C Em F C] Back to Chorus

Em7         F            G        C      F     C
I---- will trust in the cross of my Re--deem--er; 
Em7          F           G           C       F
I----- will sing of the blood that nev--er fails, 
    Dm7      F        G           F     C      G
Of sins-----for------giv--en, of con--science cleansed,  
    Dm7        F      Em7                            A      D       
Of death----- de------fea---ted and---life with--out end.


Em7       F              G          C     F      C
I long to be,  where the praise is never en---ding;
Em7        F             G      C      F
Yearn to dwell where the glory never  fades,
       Em7          F                       G 
Where count-less worshipers  share- one- song;
              Em7       F                 G
And cries of "worthy"     will honor the Lamb!
Em  F  G
Ad lib; worthy holy