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Forever Love Chords

                  Gary Barlow- Forever Love
                  From íopen roadí album
		  A great song by Gary Barlow. Originally played on piano,
                  but sounds perfect on acoustic guitar.
                  Hope you enjoy it!!

                  Tabbed by Janus Gottlieb

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                  Intro: G EM9 Cadd9 D-Dsus4 G
	           G              D-   (Dsus4)     EM9     G
                  Love it has so many beautiful faces
                          Cadd9  D          G      D	                       
                  Sharing lives and sharing days
                   G                 D  (Dsus4)   EM9      G
                  My love it had so many empty spaces
                                Cadd9          D                  G
                  Iím sharing a memory now I hope thatís how it stays
                           BM                           EM
                  Now Iím deep inside love and still breathing
                           BM			   EM
                  She is holding my heart in her hand 
                            Cadd9      BM         Cadd9
                  Iím the closest Iíve been to believing
                  This could be love forever
                         G                    D    (Dsus4)   EM9     G
                  All throughout my life the reasons Iíve demanded
                                Cadd9            D            G   
                  But how can I reason with the reason Iím a man

                  Solo: G D EM9 G Cadd9 D G  D*2

                         BM                   EM
                  In a minute Iím needing to hold her
                         BM                    EM
                  In an hour Iím cold, cold as stone
                           Cadd9            BM          Cadd9             D
                  When she leaves it gets harder and harder to face life alone
                        G                      D                  EM9       G
                  Now my dreams are filled with times when weíre together
                            Cadd9            D            G
                  Guess what I need from her is forever love 

		  G EM9 Cadd9 D G 
                  G D EM9 G (forever love...!) Cadd9 D G D*2