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The Cowboy Song Chords

D                     D/F#          G              D
Pushin' horns weren't easy like the movies said it was
                                          A7sus4             A7
And I don't recall no dance hall girls or hotel rooms with rugs
           D                 D/F#           G               D
You worked hot and tired and nasty rode you pony's head too low
                              A7                    G
There were all the nights you couldn't sleep, cause it was too damn cold               
                D          A7               D   Dsus   Dsus2   D
And you'd sing, Strawberry Roan and Little Joe

Verse 2
D                        D/F#          G              D
Like the time we hit the river and the rains began to fall
                                         A7sus4                A7
And the water was rising so damn fast we thought it'd drown us all
   D             D/F#                G                 D
We lost a lot of steers that day and four or five good mounts
                           A7        G
But when all the boys rode into camp we knew that's what counts
             D            A7              D      Dsus   Dsus2   D
And we sang, Yippie Ti Yi Yay and Amazing Grace

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       Bm                A                      G          D
Or the night they broke behind us and then they took us by surprise
  Bm               A                 A7sus4            A7
I whistled out the Bonner I seen the terror in his eyes
       D                D/F#                   G
And he rode for all his horse would ride and I know he done his best
    D               A7            G 
But he crossed over Jordan ridin' Dunny to his death
             D               A7                     D      Dsus   Dsus2   D
And we sang, Bringin' in the Sheaves and the Rugged Cross

Instrumental Solo

Verse 3
   D                 D/F#            G             D
So when you see that cowboy he's not ragged by his choice
                                            [ch]Asus7[/ch]          A7
He never meant to bow them legs or put that gravel in his voice
          D               D/F#                    G              D      
He's just chasin' what he really loves and what's burning in his soul
                    A7                 G
Wishin' to God that he'd been born and hundred years ago
               D          A7                 D   Dsus   Dsus2   D
Still singin', Strawberry Roan and Little Joe