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Good Ride Cowboy Chords

Artist: Garth Brooks

Song: Good Ride Cowboy

Verse 1:

From the hills of Kaycee, Wyoming
       G                D
Where life’s wooly and wild
Came a Navy brat in a cowboy
And that Copenhagen smile
And from buckin’ broncs to honky tonks
     G            G/F#   Em
He always sang a cowboy song
         D                      B7
We were much too young, havin’, too much fun
   G      A       D
As we all sang along
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        G           D
We sang Life’s A Highway
              G                          D
There’s only one way you’re gonna get through
          G                   D           B7
When she starts to twists, be more like Chris
          E7                  A
Pull your hat down tight and just LeDoux it!!
When that whistle blows and that crowd explodes
         G             G/F#      E
And them pickup men are at your side
               D         A            D
They tell you good ride cowboy, good ride

Verse 2: (Change key to E)
From gold buckles to gold records
     A                      E
Once again he was spinning round
Took the whole world on
F7                          B
And he turned us on to that western under ground
And from Bareback Jack to This Cowboy's Hat

A                A/G#             F#m
His songs were stronger than his pain
         E                   C7
He would not slow down from town to town
               A      B        E
Like children running thru the rain


Repeat Chorus:

I bet he crossed that river Jordan
With Saint Peter on the other side
         D         A            D      G
Singin’ Good Ride Cowboy, Good Ride!
     D        A             D
Say Good Ride Cowboy, Good Ride!

Brought To You By: Buford T. Santana              

Yall Enjoy!!!!!!

                       In Loving Memory Of:
                           Chris LeDoux