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Crossed My Mind Chords

"Crossed My Mind"
Gallagher Business Building
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I know you'll never like these words
There filled with pain and filled with hurt
G                     D          G
But this is the true story of my heart

I remember under Montana's sky
You said you'd love me till I die
G                     D               G
It's these words that keep me hanging on

I find out now that you found someone
Does he know your greater than anyone
G                            D
And I hope it's sunny wherever you are

Does he love your life more than his own
Are you where all his happiness is born
C                                 G
Does his heart faint everytime you smile
D         C          G
Whoaa you crossed my mind(x2)
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Thinking of the good times we had
Keeps me wide awake as I lie in bed
I remember everytime I saw you

I try to be something for someone new
But I just smile and nod and think of you
And when they leave nothing has changed

I sit in bed and write you a poem
About how you were life and how you were home
Then your sweet eyes watch me drift to sleep

Cliched poems that rhyme with moon
Nothing I can Compare you to
We used to laugh until we cried
Whoa....You crossed my mind

Well winter came and the nights grow long
I get mad at this town and wonder where I belong
So I grab my keys and head on downtown

My whiskey and friends give me some relief
But there words are loud and my smiles brief
I am always mixing in the colors of you

It's 2 a.m. when I get home
I kiss my wife, but feel all alone
Then I say a prayer and fall into your arms

All the feelings left unsaid
Walk my mind and feel like led
Do you know your eyes are prettier than rain
Whoa...You crossed my mind