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Stronger Than Tab

Uhh... yeah well this is my first time tabbing every and it's on a pretty difficult
song as far as listening and tabbing goes but I'm trying my best, so if you see any
corrections you want to make or anything you think is wrong feel free to e-mail me at or IM me at LeterPee thanks!

Gabe Bondoc
Stronger Than - Intro

Standard Tuning: e B G D A e

x - Mute
^ - Slap
/ - Slide Up
h - Hammer On
p - Pull Off
: - Repeat

(Intro no singing)
                            ^                      ^                      ^
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                           ^                      ^                      ^

Is it my fault I can't speak? That my body becomes weak...
Or that I can hardly move? At the very thought you...

And the rest is figure outable... the chorus gets a lil tricky but all the finger
progressions are basically the same and repeated from the intro. Enjoy!