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Light The Fire Chords

Verse 1:
  A         E
I stand to praise you
       D      E 
But I fall on my knees
  A        E
My spirit is willing
      D        E
But my flesh is so weak
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     D           E
Light the Fire (light the fire)
     D         E
In my soul (in my weary soul)
    D             E
Fan the flame (fan the flame)
    D             E
Make me whole (make my spirit whole)
    D           E
Lord you know (Lord you know)
    D            E
Where I've been (where I've been)
            D        E          A
So light the fire in my heart again

Verse 2:

I feel your arms around me
As the power of your healing begins
Your spirit blows through me
Like a mighty rushing wind

Repeat Chorus (X2)]