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Like A Bird Tab

Tab submitted by: Digs - digs@totalise.co.uk

Artist: Nelly Furtada
Song: Like a bird

From the album - Whoa Nelly

My friends have asked me to tab this but as I don't 
have a copy of the song I have had to tab it from listening
to the radio. The chorus is below and sounds ok. The verses
are played around Bflat and F. I will tab them properly when 
I get a copy of the album. However, if you can help e-mail me
at digs@totalise.co.uk

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/furtado_nelly/like_a_bird_tab.html ]
Standard tuning.

Chords: Bflat   X13331
        F       133211
	C       X35543
	Eflat   X68886


I'm like a bird

I only fly away

I don't know where my home is

I don't know where my soul is

Towards the end of the song the chorus is repeated. Sorry
I don't have the verses I will update this later.

Digs  (digs@totalise.co.uk)