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The Fureys - The Lovers - From "The First Leaves of Autumn" album

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G               D              EM        BM            C
Soldiers and dreams are like lovers who come without warning
          AM       C                AM            C        D
and take you by surprise when you think you must make it alone
G               D            EM          BM       C
but sooner or later their presence it's only a memory
          AM          C               D          D7              G D
but you know that without them we'd never have rolled back the stone.
G                D             EM          BM           C
My darling once told me that loving it's better than living
       AM         C         AM            C      D
but I told her survival for me it's the easier game
    G             D            EM          BM           C
I couldn't live with her it's now I just can't live without her
    AM                C              D       D7           G  D
I thought I'd feel different but somehow I still feel the same
G       D             EM     BM          C
Romeo tells me that Juliet can't live without him
      AM        C         AM         C          D
and Aphelia's crazy for Hamlet who wants to be king
     G             D             EM     BM       C
and away in the distance Marc-Anthony loved Cleopatra
        AM          C         D        D7       G  D
While Portia sits silent soliloquizing in the wings.
G                    D       EM           BM          C
While lovers lie sleeping I find myself travelling towards you
     AM           C          AM          C             D
the wind and the rain is as soft as the sigh on your face
G              D           EM        BM           C
What's ever before me is nothing to what I have lived through
     AM          C          D          D7           G  D
the pain, the passion, the lust, the tears and the lies
        G          D          EM              BM            C
So if lovers are losers then what price this game we are playing?
     AM             C          AM            C       D
And what price the man who has not got the money to pay?
          G           D             EM          BM        C
When the voices and prayers of the angels were just an illusion
         AM            C          D              D7       G  D
For the lost and the lonely and those who have nothing to say.

I just love The Fureys.....this song is possibly one of their lesser
known songs...but it is one of my favourites.  It makes good poetry
even if the album is no longer available.