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Killing Me Softly Chords


   Killing me Softly
      Fugees (Lori Liebermann, Roberta Fleck)

  Chorded by Shinodex

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Em                          C
Strumming my Pain with his Fingers,
D7                       G
Singing my life with his words,
Em                     A
Killing me Softly with his Song,
A            D   
Killing me softly
D              G
with his words telling my whole life,
G    C         Em      Esus4 (002xxx)
with his song, killing me softly, with his song...

I dont' know the other words, but if you know, you can email me
and I will update the song.

Enjoy, Shinodex

shinodex@yahoo.de     (c) 20000000001