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Since i've gotten so much out of alt.guitar.tab, and OLGA, i decided
to contribute a bit.  This has probably been around somewhere, but i
haven't found it, so here it is--"Turnover" from Fugazi:_Repeater_.
I like this tune, and like Fugazi's sound in general.  Anyone notice how
many octave type things are in their music, _Repeater_ anyway? I dig that!
Anyway, without further ado, "Turnover."

For the intro, you have to hit the harmonic with the volume down, and
swell to full.  Then *after* you stop the harmonic, crank your volume
down again, hit the other, swell. Stop, turn down volume, and repeat.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/fugazi/turnover_tab.html ]
I recommend using a volume pedal, if you don't have one, GET ONE! They're
really useful.  I use mine all to hell.

For the second part, turn on max distortion, try a little chorus maybe. I
don't have a chorus effect, you might want to try it.  Also, try making
lots of string noise sliding and such.  The riff is meant to be slid, i
guess.  I slide somewhat.

If there are any other fugazi fans out there, email me at mattz@netc.com.
I'd love to talk about them.

   Intro                Verse

    harm.     harm.

That's all i have for now.  I'm working on the chorus and solo.  It's
an interesting solo.....sounds like a chugging-type guitar riff, and a
solo-ish bass riff. Hmmm....