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Little Debbie Chords

"Little Debbie" - Fugazi
Instrument Soundtrack
Dischord Records

There are two guitar parts in this song. If you have knowledge of the band, Guy, in most
recorded, will be on the left side of a stereo sound, and Ian on the right. Thus,
the weird riff on the left side Guy's guitar and his lead part. Ian provides vocals in 
song, and plays the rhythm guitar part.

A - x02220
Em - 022000
F#m - 244222

Rhythm guitar
Standard Tuning: EADGBe

Intro/Preferred chorus/Post Verse: Played as A repeatedly 24 times (This is palm muted)

Verse: F#m to Em (This is also palm muted)

Lead Guitar:
Standard Tuning: EADGBe

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/fugazi/little_debbie_crd.html ]
Guy also plays with Ian for the intro thing with the same A chords, but at random
so you must be aware of counting beats! Also, near the end of the song, Guy goes from 
an octive higher, so check near the 12th fret.

Here are the lyrics:
Little Debbie's mom goes crazy
F#m Em
She can't breath
With more to the middle
Of the house
To the house
In the middle of the night
Mama [x9]
Oh yeah
A to F#m Em
Little Debbie's mom goes crazy
F#m Em
Cut the crap
9 kids sneak into the restroom
Can't breathe nothing
Through the house today
Oh yeah
A to F#m Em
Little Debbie's mom goes crazy
F#m Em
A (Octive)
Oh yeah
A to F#m Em
Little Debbie's mom goes crazy

Listen to the song first, then check here to see if this is right. It really works,
me. It's best to listen to the song to get a feel to it before you actually play it.

If you need to contact me for more information, my email is spikyhello@aol.com. My name
Jeremy. I would really appreciate it if you put the name of the song in the subject bar
I know what you are going to talk about before hand. Thanks! :D