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Im So Tired Chords

The key of the original song is just a tiny bit flat of standard guitar tuning (less 
than a half step).

G     B     Em   C                G
  Out here       barely see my breath
    B   Em    C               G
Surrounded by jealousy and death
  B        Em      C               G
I can't be reached only had one call
        B    Em    C                 G
dragged underneath separate from you all
You all

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G      B     Em   C              G
  This time       lost my own return
     B       Em   C                   G
In spite of       everything I've learned
  B      Em     C                G
I hid my tracks spit out all my air
        B    Em     C                  G
Slipped into cracks stripped of all my cares
My cares


G   B    Em    C                   G
  I'm so tired sheep are counting me
  B     Em        C            G
No more struggle, no more energy
  B     Em           C                     G
No more patient, and you can write that down
     B       Em         C                   G
It's all too crazy and I'm not sticking round

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