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In My Hands Original Chords

Fuel-in my hands (Chords from Turkiye-Onur DAL)


Am - G - F

Am     G         F            G
Memories are just where you laid them
Am     G         F            G
Dragging waters til the depths give up their dead
Am                       G        
What did you expect to find
F                         G
Was it something you left behind?
Am          G               F                  G
Don’t you remember everything I said, when I said

F    C      G  
Don’t fa-all  away		I
G				I
And leave me to myself		I
F    C      G			I	
Don’t fa-all away		I		
E 7				I	
And leave love bleeding 	I	
F    C      G			I************Chorus 
In my hands again		I	
E 7				I	
Leave love bleeding 		I	
F    C      			I		
In my hands In my hands		I	
E				I	
Love lies bleeding		I	
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2X(Am   G   F    G)  

Am     G         F            G
Oh hold me now, I feel contagious
Am     G         F            G
Am I the only place that you’ve left to go?
Am     G         F            G
She cries that life is like,  some movie black and white
Am                     G         
Dead actors, vacant lies
F                            G
Over and over and over again she cries


F   G  Am  G   Am     Bm     C    Bm    C    D   E    D      E 
And I wanted for you to turn away  You don’t remember, but I do
E 7
You ne-ver ev-en tried

4X(Am   G   F    G) 


Solo    F - C - G (G end)

Take this and make some noise from your hearth ...