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Evil Eye Tab

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From: jhalfpenny@mailexcite.com
Subject: f/fu_manchu/evil_eye.tab
>From the album "The Action is Go" (UK Rel. 1998)

Tabbed by John H 15/4/98 (jhalfpenny@mailexcite.com)

Fu Manchu are a riff-based band, so I'll give you the riffs and lyrics
and let you work out the order for yourself (there really is no point
wet nursing you through the song verbatim as it repeats so much)

The key to playing these tracks live is the density and volume-
at least it was when they played Nottingham the other week- if you're
playing solo get your rhythm humbuckers balanced on maximum, don't use
single-coil pickups if you have them- urgh! ;-)

If there are two of you, guitarist 1 should follow the above setting,
but turn up your input volume so it distorts it a little too much for
the picking section, guitarist 2 should use a crisper treble setting to
create that dense, dirgy feel

Intro (with Wah-Wah)

    wah   fuzz
e |-----------------|-----------------|
B |-----------------|-----------------|
G |*14--------------|----------------*|
D |*------0-0-0-0-0-|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0*|
A |-----------------|-----------------|
D |-----------------|-----------------|

Intro/Verse Riff
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e |-----------------|-------------------|
B |-----------------|-------------------|
G |*----------------|------------------*|
D |*0---0-0-0-3-5---|-8---9-10-5-8-9-10*|
A |-0---0-0-0-3-5---|-8---9-10-5-8-9-10-|
D |-0---0-0-0-3-5---|-8---9-10-5-8-9-10-|
          Since I was before... 

Chorus Riff

e |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
B |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
G |*----------------|-----------------|-----------------|----------------*|
D |*5-5---3---5---6-|---6-6-6-3-5-----|-5-5---3---5---6-|----------------*|
A |-5-5---3---5---6-|---6-6-6-3-5-----|-5-5---3---5---6-|-----------------|
D |-5-5---3---5---6-|---6-6-6-3-5-----|-5-5---3---5---6-|-----------------|


e |-----------------|-----------------|
B |-----------------|-----------------|
G |*----------------|----------------*|
D |*0---------------|----------------*|
A |-0-----------3---|-3---3-------5---|
D |-0-----5-6-7-----|-------7-6-5-----|

e |-----------------|-----------------|
B |-----------------|-----------------|
G |-----------------|-----------------|
D |-7-----7---------|-5-----5-----3---|
A |-7-----7---------|-5-----5-----3---|
D |-7-----7---------|-5-----5-----3---|

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             then don't tell me about it- just don't use it)