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No Time                                       Frente [T.O'Conner]
Bm           D                    A G# G
You know you never know your self
All of thos awkward    silences
All the years youve lived you
Over    break  fast as  you
F#m                     Bm
could be someone   else 
fumble   with your toast
                  D                  A G# G
And all the times youve been   alone 
and now the   ma-gics  gone for good
        All the lies you  told   now   
Little things get on your nerves that 
F#m              B
haunt ya perfect spacious home and now                             
never bothered   you be - fore and now
C              D C                  D   G C
 theres no time   and now theres no time  
        G    F# F        Em           A
its not such a  crime to say you dont love her (repeat from beginning)
F#m                      Bm
  and you swore it would never happen to you
F#m                   G            C
   and you said you'd always be so true
        A7       C              D
but ah_   and now theres no time 
C                  D       Am             Bb
 and now theres no time now theres no time
 E/B C D B7/D Em D/F# G D/A
 C#m7 D Am7  D (repeat and fade)
Bm xx0321
G# xx1114
E/B x22100
B7/D xx1202
D/F# xx4232
D/A x00232
Cm7 xx1313
Am7 002010