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Untitled Chords

Untitled By Freman..(c) 1997

Words and Music By D.Armstrong

The basis of a Dave!!

Verse 1
----- -

B                    A               E             E
I Cant Decide If Its Worth The Extra Time
I Dont Wanna Take,   Whats Already Mine
Maybe Ill Just Wait, And See What We`ll See
Given The Choice, I Know What I Wanna Be

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Db            A
Maybe.......I Cant Show
How Far My Feelings Really Go..
B        B         E        E
For You...........

Verse 2 (same chord structure as Verse 1)
----- -

Born Into A World Of Broken Dreams
It All Apears To Come Away, At The Seams
All Around People Are Laughing At Me
Cos They All Hope And Think, They Can Be Free


Guitar Solo.....(Chord Structure of Verse 1 and Chorus)

Verse 1
----- -

Chorus x2
------ --

Thank You..and Good Night