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So Young Chords

So Young

(c) 1997  Words by D.Armstrong

Phils Personal Fave!


D       Em7/G

Verse 1
----- -

Dsus4             A7Sus4
Gone away for the weekend
C/G                  G
Out Of Sight But Not Out Of Mind
Dsus4             A7Sus4
Hanging On For My Friends
C/G                                 G
Its More in what you have that what you can find


D       Em7/G

Verse 2  (Same chord structure as Verse 1)
----- -
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Waking up in the morning
Going in to going out
Getting drunk for no reason
Trying to find what its all about


D                  Em          G      A
Its not about the things we done
We still got time cos were still young

Verse 3
----- -
Running on a tredmill
Just stepped on and were going round
Play it cool with the bad things
Never ever let them get you down

Verse 4
----- -
Feeling tired and feeling low
Its been a blur over what ive done
Gonna sleep til i get to be
But i know ill still wake up young

Chorus x 2

Guitar solo
------ ----

Same chords as Chorus


Nice one of your better efforts!!!