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Silly Song Chords

Silly Song

(c) 1997...Words By D.Armstrong

ALTOGETHER NOW.........!!!

Verse 1
----- -

Im floating round and round with my head in a dream
Im feeling really silly `cos its never how it seems
Its always Really funny, yet its always really naff
id think id rather be a white and blue giraffe

Verse 2
----- -
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Im coming over funny, everythings gone black
Then im waking up and realitys coming back
Its always really funny and its always really naff
All i wanna do is scteech and screech and Laugh


Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na   x2
Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na   x2
G      F#     F         E
All i wanna do is be silly   x2

Verse 3
----- -

Sitting on a cloud miles from anywhere
Be shure to tell me theres an angel over there
Shes waving  and waving and shouting very loud
I tried to move over, but just fell of my cloud

Chorus x 2
------   -

One of the classics!!!