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So Slow Chords

Freestyle: So Slow
Transcribed by: onad (

intro: (do chorus)

Am                Am7
   I've been with you boy 
          Em7                 FM7
   Three years is quite awhile 
Am                 Am7
   But getting too sensual 
      Em7                FM7
   Is really not my style 
Am             Am7
   You know I love you 
          Em7                  FM7
   And I like it just like this 
Am                  Am7 
   But sometimes I feel like 
               Em7              FM7
   Giving you more than just a kiss 

     G         FM7  
   But baby it's wrong 
   Baby it's not my kind of game 
   If I give it to you now 
/G#            Bb2/G 
   Our love will never be the same 
Am/F#             FM7 
   It    won't be long 
   We gotta play our love just right 
   I know you know the time will come 
   But baby for tonight 

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                  CM7      G/C
   Let's take it slow (so slow) 
   Anywhere you wanna go 
             FM7                C/E     |Dm7 - F/G|
   Baby for you I'll lay it all on the line 
               CM7          G/C
   You ougtha know (oughta know) 
   Boy I ain't got nowhere to go 
                FM7             C/E 
   I'll give it to you, only to you 
             Dm7          F/G  
   We gotta take it real slow 

Am               Am7 
   When we get together 
        Em7               FM7 
   You know I feel the fire 
Am               Am7    
   It burns up inside me, oh 
       Em7           FM7
   The natural desire 
Am                 Am7
   I know that you feel it too 
     Em7               FM7
   I know you wanna flow 
Am                Am7
   Keep dreaming about it and 
        Em7             FM7     
   The fire starts to grow 



   I know tomorrow 
            Em7             A7 
   It will still be you and me 
   I'm saving it all for you 
     Em7   A7 
   Trust in me baby 
          Em7            A7
   When I say this to you 
         Dm7            Em7 
   If we wait a little longer 
                 FM7         F/G
   Our love will be forever true 

[Chorus 2x]