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Again Tab

Song: Again
Artist: Jeremiah Freed
Tabber: Rob Marston (
Tuning: Standard (EGBDAE)
Notes: All the other tabs sounded like poo poo. Here's my version (the correct version) Oh yeah and incase you were wondering I like putting "s" instead of "/" for my slides, that should help you out. Jeremiah Freed needs to be FAMEOUS! They deserve it. Have fun playing, more to come.

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g-|----------5---s5-4---4--------3---s8-8----13s0---| X2

g-|---5-------8-------| Use these chords through out the song, listen to song for 
d-|---5---6---8---8---| rhythm and muting. It'll take a little while. Theres a few
a-|---3---6---6---8---| other licks added in to jazz things up. You can try 'em if 
e-|-------4-------6---| you want, but there's no need for it. 

As for the solo and all the rest of it, I'm too lazy. You gotta REALLY love a song
in order to sit down and get the solo just right. The intro was good enough for me.