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Hold On Chords

G is palm muted throughout the verses

I am the one who saw you there

You are the one who always needs me dear

Forget the things that I cant do

The world will come when I find you

Just hold on.

So now your livin life like Jesus said

When he was humbled to his knees

To breathe the life back in your soul, youll see

Your time will come to rescue me

So hold on.
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(C)               (G)
You were the one inside my head
    (Em)            (D)
Oh Lord I turned to you
    (C)             (G)
When all you see is life or death
    (Em)             (D)
But somehow well breakthrough
Just hold on

So take me back to times when we let go

When you lost track of what you need

To feel as high as you have done before

Then you must learn to let this be

So hold on


    (C)               (G)
You give your life so I find mine
     (Em)              (D)
But I know Ive failed you
     (C)               (G)
For all the miles that I have walked
     (Em)             (D)
But someday Ill find you
Just hold on.(x4)