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Tiger In The Rain Chords

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Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 21:51:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: crd: "Tiger in the Rain" by Michael Franks

		     "Tiger in the Rain"

Verse 1:
	Amaj7 		          Emaj7
	Most of the time he's the lord of the jungle
	Gmaj7 		           Dmaj7
	Everyone grins while he gripes,
	Fmaj7			Cmaj7 
	Usuually he's found just loungin around
	In his Stripes.
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Verse 2:
	Amaj7 		 Emaj7
	His tiger lady's a super fine feline
	 Gmaj7 		           Dmaj7
	Just What his Highness deserves,
	Fmaj7			7
	Sweet purring  pussycat
	Cmaj 			Bsus
	Proud of her pussycat curves.

Chorus:  	Amaj7	    Emaj7
	He's a Tiger in the Rain,
		Amaj7	  		Emaj7
	It's the thunder and Lightning he can't explain
	   Fmaj7	 	  Dmaj7		Bsus
	The tiger in the Rain, that's frightened.

Verse 3:
	Amaj7 		 	Emaj7
	Caught in the storm, He came searching for shelter,
	 Gmaj7 		           Dmaj7
	Right up to me and my spouse
	Fmaj7			     Cmaj7
	We both stroked his chin and invited him
	in to our house.

Repeat chorus,solo here,  solo there, - and take it on outta here.